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OEM Co-Op Compliance

Accelerated Marketing has all of

Manufacturer Co-Op Compliant.

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the tools to make sure your event is

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“Accelerated Marketing

mail campaigns to

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has taken our direct

to the next level!"

Ken Garff Automotive

– Slate Banner / Director of Marketing

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We Are Adding To

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Our Accelerated Team.


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“With the help of

had our best month in

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Accelerated Marketing,

Central Ave CJDR just

over 12 years!”

Central Avenue Chrysler Jeep Dodge RAM

– Jonathan Grant / President

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World-Class Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Mail Solutions Custom Tailored to
Suit Your Automotive Dealership!

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“…They take time to understand

approved, and they turn my

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our goals, they make sure all of my

programs are compliant or Co-op

projects around very quickly.”

Jerry's Automotive - Chevrolet - Toyota - Mitsubishi

- Bill Bolander / Director of Marketing

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Sales Training

Capitalize on every lead,

every walk-in.

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every call, and


VIDEO: What is the Accelerated Marketing “data first” philosophy?

Direct Mail

direct-mailUtilizing the Perfect Combination of Highly Effective Creative and List Solutions, Accelerated Marketing has the Formula to Elevate Your Dealership to #1.

Digital Marketing

digital-marketingCustom Tailored Digital Campaigns Using E-Mail, Web, Text, and Social Channels to Win New Customers and Reinforce Your Brand.

Full Service Marketing

total-event-marketingIntegrated Multi-Channel Marketing Campaigns, Blending Traditional and Non-Traditional Forms of Media to Create a One-Stop Marketing Solution.


analyticsAccelerated Marketing Uses Extensive Data Patterns to Evaluate and Optimize Your Dealership’s Advertising Dollar and Foster Greater R.O.I.

Sales Training

sales-trainingAccelerated Marketing Will Train your Sales Team to Ensure a Smooth and Successful Direct Mail Event and Increase Sales.

Red Line Targets™

redline-targetsHighly Targeted One to One Direct Mail Programs Designed to Engage Prospects with Strategic Design and Pinpoint Accurate Personalization.

Credit Direct

credit-directProven Direct Mail Campaigns Specifically Designed to Target Credit Based Demographics and Discharged Bankruptcy Prospects.

Service Solutions

service-solutionsTargeted Direct Mail Service Campaigns Designed to Retain and Win New Service Customers.

Who We Are

Accelerated Marketing, headquartered in Aurora, IL, is quickly becoming one of North America’s leading automotive direct marketing companies. Our philosophy at Accelerated consists of using a one-to-one, dealer-to-customer approach that incorporates our unique marketing strategy throughout multiple targeted channels. Thanks to our work ethic, customer service, integrity of our staff, and our passion for seeing our clients succeed, we have had the opportunity to work with over 4,000 clients nationwide.

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Sizzling Hot Product

SUMMER IS FINALLY HERE! The days are getting longer but your window is short to make the best of this summer selling season. Combine our Summer Exchange Program direct mail piece with our fully integrated digital package to maximize your R.O.I. Call 630-442-1926 to learn about this summer turn-key direct mail campaign. Click below to learn more about our Summer Exchange Program:

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Sales Training

The most important factor in direct marketing is knowing how to capitalize on every lead, every call, and every walk-in. However, one of the biggest mistakes a dealership can make is not preparing each and everyone in the dealership for the direct marketing campaign.This is where Accelerated Marketing stands out from the rest. Our sales training experts with over 25+ years in the automotive industry have implemented a sales methodology for your entire staff to be able to execute.

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Without our clients, our work would have no meaning


Accelerated Marketing uses the latest in direct marketing technology to deliver solid results for our dealerships.

Data First
Data First is the mantra that we live by at Accelerated and it shows in our results-driven campaigns.
AM has a custom creative department that will design your campaign to match your direct marketing goals.
We take client data security seriously at AM. Your dealership’s intellectual assets are safe with us.

Call Accelerated Marketing today at 630-442-1926

Our former automotive sales executives and marketing professionals team delivers exceptional customer service,
cutting edge custom design, and work together with our clients as partners.