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  1. dancing-1240581-1919x1275

    Let Data Take The Lead

    If you have ever taken a ballroom dancing class, you are most likely familiar with the “lead and follow” relationship that exists between two partners.…

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  2. NADA Appointment Reservation

    Fill Out The Contact Form to Reserve Your Appointment At NADA 2017 and Receive a Complimentary Gift.  

  3. Ali_Photo

    The “One-Two” Punch – Targeted Direct Mail + Digital Marketing

    By definition, the “One-Two” Punch is a boxing term to describe the combination of a left-hand jab followed by a right cross. The jab is…

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  4. 1stQpsd2

    2018 1st Quarter Marketing Calendar

  5. funny-math-teacher2

    Doing The Math For Your Prospects

    I was listening to the radio on my way to work today and heard an advertisement that piqued my interest. The spokesperson described how his…

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  6. cooking

    The Direct Mail Vital Ingredient

    Experienced chefs know the importance of a vital ingredient and just how that ingredient affects the overall success of the food they serve. They know…

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  7. env_graphic

    Success or Failure? It May Depend On Your Envelope.

    Just how important is the outer envelope in regards to your direct mail success? Direct mail agencies know that the first point of contact with…

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  8. ApplestoOranges2

    OEM vs. Dealership Direct Mail Marketing: Apples to Oranges

    “Why would I go through the effort to send out my own direct mail campaign when my manufacturer can produce their mailer and slap our…

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  9. kinggraphic

    Top 5 Reasons for Auto Dealers to Run Targeted Direct Mail in 2015

    A while back I read an article in Forbes that claimed industry forecasters were predicting 2015 to be a tremendous year for auto sales in…

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  10. Prepress_Graphic

    The Value of A Pre-Press Education: A Designer’s Perspective

    If I were to choose one “on-the-job” past experience for which I am most grateful, it would be the education I received while preflighting digital…

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