Who We Are

Accelerated Marketing, headquartered in Aurora, IL, is quickly becoming one of North America’s leading automotive direct marketing companies. Our philosophy at Accelerated consists of using a one-to-one, dealer-to-customer approach that incorporates our unique marketing strategy throughout multiple targeted channels. We offer two distinct marketing disciplines that include direct mail and digital marketing. We believe that these two mediums, when used properly, are among the two most efficient and effective ways to target automotive customers. Thanks to our work ethic, customer service, integrity of our staff, and our passion for seeing our clients succeed, we have had the opportunity to work with over 4,000 clients nationwide.


We pride ourselves on taking your dealership to number one. Our team consists of former automotive sales executives and world-class marketing professionals with over 20+ years in the industry who deliver exceptional customer service, cutting edge custom design, and work together with our clients as partners. Our relationship with our clients is built on trust to perform each and every month, and deliver impressive and consistent return on investment. Our strategy first approach drives behavior to increase sales for your dealership. Accelerated Marketing would love the opportunity to EARN your direct marketing business and drive quality buyers right to your dealership!