Database Management

Knowing that your database is the best list available is only step one.  Accelerated Marketing will maximize your data by identifying those “in the market” customers that are in the best equity position. Our data specialists take great pride in making sure we are utilizing your database to its maximum potential.  We can work with any DMS system, including but not limited to Reynolds, ADP, UCS, Automate, Arkona, and many more.

We will:

  • Remove duplicate customer information; keep your database up-to-date, and compliant.
  • Utilize U.S. Post Office software – National Change of Address (NCOA) – to update customers who have moved.
  • Reformat customers addresses based on certain areas postal delivery route rules to lower postage costs.
  • Create accurate direct mail programs that target in on customers that are ready to buy and increase your ROI.
  • Build a customized Sales Match platform for every campaign to accurately measure the success each month.