Sales Training


The most important factor in direct marketing is knowing how to capitalize on every lead, every call, and every walk-in. However, one of the biggest mistakes a dealership can make is not preparing each and everyone in the dealership for the direct marketing campaign.  From the receptionist to the General Manager, it is crucial that each know their role and implement a process to work every lead generated.  As a direct marketer, our clients hold us accountable for producing traffic.  In turn, we are counting on the dealership to be able to close deals from the traffic we generate.  This is where Accelerated Marketing stands out from the rest.  Our sales training experts with over 25+ years in the automotive industry have implemented a sales methodology for your entire staff to be able to execute.

Accelerated Marketing will align your customized marketing efforts with our training so that our clients will be better prepared to connect with the consumer, set the appointment, gain the customer’s trust, and close the deal.   With each individual campaign, our experts will train each and every one of your staff, sales reps, and managers on how to best execute the event and move the vehicles out.   Our team stays in touch for the entire length of the campaign, from the mail drop date until the sale is over.  We give our clients the peace of mind, and the support they need from start to finish.

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