Targeted Lists


At Accelerated Marketing or philosophy is simple – to develop and maintain a more extensive list to help conquest new customers and grow your active database.  We update our lists every day to make certain that the effectiveness of each direct mail campaign reaches the right people at the right addresses.  Our experts will source millions of records, unique VINS, current owners, and vehicle transactions.  Our methodology allows us to accurately provide a mix of data that will result in higher response and higher overall sales.

Our lists can include:

Credit – Target by score, loan paid through percentage, open lease, bankruptcy, or current payment ranges.

Saturation – Target by Zip code and filter by income range, age, home values, and more.

Current Owners – Target conquest vehicles by year, make, model, owner’s VIN, vehicle registration, and Black Book® or Kelly Blue Book values.

Database – Your sales and service data can be cleaned, mined, and targeted in combination with a variety of demographic overlays.