Auto dealers with direct mail marketing experience are most likely familiar with the many moving parts that need to come together to achieve success. The fundamentals that initially made direct mail a winner in the crowded field of advertising mediums are the same ones that get the job done today. With recent advances in how we collect personal data and how we analyze consumer behavior, chances are even better that direct mail comes out on top. When executed properly, a targeted direct mail campaign has the best probability of capturing in-the-market prospects leading to higher conversion rates for your dealership.

Our team of former automotive executives at Accelerated Marketing have mastered these fundamentals.

The pieces of the puzzle are as follows:

• The List – Every successful direct mail campaign starts with the right targeted mailing list. This is the key ingredient to deliver a strong R.O.I. for our dealers. Filters and suppressions are used to pinpoint the prospects most likely to buy.

• Strategy/Creative – The direct mail creative should be designed to engage your targeted recipients and give them the means to act on your offer. A custom solution tailored specifically for your list criteria is the best approach.

• Sales Preparation – The dealership’s sales staff are coached on how to manage the direct mail campaign and convert your leads to buyers.

• Execution – The fulfillment stage includes the printing, converting and mailing of your campaign. Direct communication with the USPS is crucial to make sure all pieces are delivered correctly and on-time.

• Analytics – After the sale has ended, a detailed sales report is collected showing the results of your campaign. The success can then be accurately measured showing your Return on Investment and will help better prepare you for the next campaign.

With the puzzle pieces in place, your chances of success are high! If you are interested in finding out more about the Accelerated Marketing Direct Marketing Formula give us a call at 630-442-1926 or e-mail Check our website periodically to learn about our latest programs.