Flashback to 1980, the setting is Bushwood Country Club. Our favorite caddy, Danny Noonan, has a chance to win one for the good guys with a game-winning putt. To the delight of Judge Smails, the putt goes left and is just a hair short. It is only with the help of Carl Spackler’s gopher killing plastic explosives, that our hero is able to save the day! How many times has your dealership been in a position to claim victory with numerous monthly leads only to come up short in the end?

 You need to sink the ball in the cup and convert those leads!

A crucial mistake I have seen dealerships make during a marketing campaign is not properly training their staff on the phones. ANYONE who might pick up the phone with a potential customer on the other end has to be up to speed with the campaign specifics. The moment of truth are those few seconds after you first answer the phone. It is in those moments that the customer is sizing you up and making a decision….Is your offer worth their time and effort??

 Don’t give too much information!

The more information you offer, the more likely they’ll be confused. When people are confused, they don’t become customers. I have never seen a car sold over the phone, but I HAVE seen many sales lost over the phone.

• Learn to convey your message quickly and concisely. Steer clear of trying to impress with sophisticated overly technical jargon

 Get to the point!

• When pitching customers, make sure you only tell them what they NEED to know. I’ve found that digging deep into detail over the phone does not increase the likelihood of closing the deal. In often cases you will say something that turns them away. People have short attention spans, so be careful about dragging things on.

 Only one goal in mind… APPOINTMENTS!

• Set an appointment and get them in the store….PERIOD. You can only sell them when they actually show up. So take off your sales hat for a minute, set an appointment, and get them in the door. “My manager has instructed me to offer you more for your vehicle than ever before, can you come in today or tomorrow?”

 Give them a choice…

• Don’t use open-ended questions like “When can you come in?” NO NO NO!   Direct them because remember, you are very busy. Always answer an objection quickly, in a general fashion and end it with “….does Today or Tomorrow work for you? Morning or afternoon? 2pm or 5pm?” You’re in sales to make sales, right? Of course, you are. So, why would you waste your time chit-chatting on the phone? Get them in the store and on your home turf!

You don’t have people’s undivided attention forever. So, get your message across as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We here at Accelerated Marketing have come up with a comprehensive sales training program to make sure that the key individuals at your dealership are prepared to convert those leads and make your campaign a success. If you would like to learn more about our sales training formula, give us a call at 630-442-1926 or e-mail frank@acceleratedmktg.com. Check our website www.acceleratedmktg.com periodically to learn about our latest programs.