I was listening to the radio on my way to work today and heard an advertisement that piqued my interest. The spokesperson described how his company provides solutions to their client’s problems before they are even aware of them. By being proactive to their needs, that service company has never had to actually “sell” anything to them. Wow, what a concept. I would imagine that any person involved in sales would love to have that type of relationship with their client. I would like to explain how targeted direct mail can help facilitate that sort of relationship between auto dealerships and their prospective clients.


It’s no secret that the process of buying a vehicle can be very intimidating, with many variables to consider. It can be an overwhelming task for any consumer who does not live in that environment from day-to-day. Targeted direct mail can be a great vehicle (no pun intended) to help prospective car buyers visualize the process by putting personalized equations and scenarios in front of them. By doing the math for your prospects, you will be empowering that buyer and giving them confidence to start negotiations.


By combining advanced analytics and variable data technology, marketers are able to give the consumer a ballpark buying scenario which they can use as a baseline to get the process started. For example, a dealership may send out a letter showing the value of that recipient’s trade-in using Kelley Blue Book or Black Book estimates and advertise the best incentives on a similar new vehicle for comparison. Another method would be to break the equation down in monthly payments to show how much they could potentially save by trading up to a new vehicle. These examples are extremely effective for those prospects who have positive equity in their vehicles and are on-the-fence about trading up.


These “trade-up” style direct mail solutions are ideal to send to your dealer database as well as those conquest prospects who meet the criteria of in-the-market buyers. A proven approach would be to hit those in your database with a handwritten or e-mail style letter that is coming from the desk of a General Manager. “Do the math” for your prospects with targeted direct mail and you will be setting your sales team up for success.

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