By definition, the “One-Two” Punch is a boxing term to describe the combination of a left-hand jab followed by a right cross. The jab is designed to get the fighter in range while effectively blinding the opponent and hiding the cross, which is a longer punch that will be slipped if thrown on its own. The “One-Two” combination is a fundamental skill in boxing and has shown to be a proven winner for boxing greats throughout the ages.

At Accelerated Marketing, we believe that we have found the ultimate “One-Two” marketing punch to bring relevant leads to your dealership curb. The coordinated combination of targeted direct mail with the digital elements of e-mail and landing page(s) has shown tremendous results for our individual automotive dealers and dealer groups. The proven combination looks like this…


  • A Market Opportunity Snapshot is done to show the optimal opportunities for your dealership market area
  • A custom targeted direct mail package is designed and deployed to only your ideal prospects
  • Your entire sales staff is trained on how to field leads from the direct mail and convert them to sales
  • Leads are sent to our in-house BDC or your CRM tool


  • An e-mail blast is then sent to opted-in customers containing the same coordinated direct mail message with a link to our custom landing page
  • Interested leads are captured off of the landing page reservation form and sent to your BDC or CRM tool

This type of coordinated effort is a great way to leverage both traditional methods of marketing with digital components in a consistent package.


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